Best Teachers for A-Levels & Other Staff

We have recruited a highly skilled team of education-professionals of the highest calibre in their respective fields and with a proven track record of success. Our selection process ensures that as an educator we have done everything possible to maximise our students’ potential for academic excellence.Best and Excellent Teachers for A-Levels

This academic excellence at Wadham is not just achieved in bringing out the potential of students but also in our holistic approach towards teaching. We understand that an excellent college necessitates excellent teaching staff and so have recruited the very best teachers from around the UK with decades of education experience.

Students may find some topics or subjects harder to grasp, but additional support for academic excellence is given to ensure students cope and fully benefit from the learning experience. Support can be through tutors after class who would instil in these sessions a sense of enthusiasm to make the learning experience as engaging and productive as possible.

Tutors are selected based on their qualifications, including a minimum requirement of a first degree in their subject. In addition, tutors must also demonstrate an influential and empathetic approach to teaching. Many have previously been examiners themselves, so they are aware of what exactly will be required for students to pass with flying colours.

Our approachable and welcoming administrative staff will explain timetables and assist with things like registering students at the Doctor’s Surgery, or opening a bank account.

The brightest minds require similar brilliance to teach them. We have recruited some of the best teachers from across the country to make sure our pupils get the educational support they need.