When international students come to Wadham College of Science (WCS), they will already have shown great courage in leaving their home countries for a new culture and unfamiliar language. We understand that our role is to provide an academic programme that allows our students to achieve their fullest potential, and we believe this extends to their living arrangements too.

We provide quality homestay arrangements for our international students to maximise their potential for personal and academic development. When our students arrive at their classes in a happy, relaxed, and settled mood, it puts them in the best position to excel in the day’s lessons. In this homestay environment, students not only get even more integrated into British culture; they also get the advantage of learning English faster, speaking it not just in school-time, but also outside of class.

Staying with a host family can be one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have, as not only does total immersion in the culture help improve their English, it also allows them to form relationships with their host families that last a lifetime.


All host families are near WCS, and our students benefit from daily pick-ups and drop-offs between their homestay and college provided by a WCS college driver.

Family Homes

We carefully screen and visit all homestay families to ensure they meet our highest standards for a friendly and welcoming environment. Host families provide all meals (aside from weekday lunches) for students as well as a safe and comfortable living space outside of the classroom for relaxing and socialising.

In eating and preparing meals together with a host family, students have the opportunity to more fully integrate themselves to British culture, as well as gaining a smoother transition to adjust to this new environment. Some homestay families host more than one student, which enables social interaction with even more cultures.

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All students will have the choice of a single room that provides a space for both study time and personal time, but most importantly within a caring and supportive family environment.

Bed linens, pillows, towels and duvets are all provided by our host families.


Linens and towels are washed weekly, and students can launder their clothes using the host’s-facilities.


We have high expectations of our homestay families, and find safe, secure, and supportive hosts for our students.

Students wishing to explore Newport, Cardiff outside of college hours can do so but only with the approval of their homestay parents. In order for them to discover more of the surrounding area in the safest possible way, host families will be sure to know where students are going, with whom, and when they will return.


Every host family is given the following recommended curfews for our homestay students:

Sunday - Thursday 8pm

Friday - Saturday 9pm


In addition to the support given to students by our host families, we also recommend guardianship arrangements are made via an AEGIS or BSA accredited organisation.