International College with a Unique Student-Centred Approach

Wadham College of Science is the UK’s first Specialist Science College, designed with the best facilities, and staffed with the finest teachers.

Our small-sized classes encourage participation from each student, fostering an interactive environment where teachers can recognize any extra assistance a student needs. Further support is given through a personalised plan for each student, ensuring a productive, dynamic, and purposeful learning environment to help each student reach their maximum potential. In this way, we know that our students’ lives here will be enriched both individually and collectively.

Our teachers demonstrate outstanding individual scholarship and enthusiasm for their subject; they inspire passion for the subject, encourage confidence in learning and independent thinking. Our approach brings out the best in every student, supporting their academic journey and their happiness and welfare.

Our teachers know that not every student is the same, and more often than not, the individual approach is the best approach. This is especially true in the context of the unique and diverse needs that international students might have which is why we educate and mentor our students in ways which recognise these differences. . It’s this recognition that makes the difference to the range of skills, experiences and future opportunities of those who attend WCS.