College Fees

The college’s administrative team have set a structure for our fees that is applicable to all students regardless of origin:

  • The parents/guardians must pay a £350 Registration Fee (non-refundable) and complete the Application Form provided which must be returned to the Admissions department.
  • An offer letter from the college will be sent to candidates that have successfully completed the interviewing admissions process. It is vital to secure a position at our college by making the necessary payments. The payment entails a £15,000 deposit, which is refundable.
  • Whilst the registration fee is non-refundable, the deposit will be refunded when the student completes the academic programme.
  • Please note that any outstanding fees will be deducted from the deposit before any refund is processed. If necessary, please contact the Principal for any clarifications, or if you have any questions regarding fees and the admission process.