Why Study at The Best A-Level Science College?

With its outstanding Best A-Level Science teaching, Wadham College of Science gives its students the support necessary to build their confidence and enhance their results at the Best A-Level Science College. At Wadham College of Science, students are don’t have to wait for university for their first taste of independence. We offer a sophisticated learning environment in which students are allowed to explore their new freedom in an exciting town, living apart from their parents, with the guidance of the school.

Students will find this to be the Best A-Level Science College, typically studying three or four subjects depending on their ability, benefiting from a mixture of independent and collaborative learning through assignments that develop their ability to conduct valuable research. Practical skills such as creative and critical reasoning for problem-solving will be taught alongside time management, and how to reference correctly. We also offer professional guidance on study plans to help students reach their goals in each subject. Exceptional standards of teaching are delivered by the WCS teachers with a proven track record of mentoring our students to achieve their maximum potential.

International students who are non-native English speakers can also benefit from our carefully designed Academic English Programme (AEP). These classes integrate Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening skills in four weekly specialised lessons, and focuses on equipping students with the essential English language and study skills to perform in an English-speaking academic context.

Getting a place at WCS is integral for success in later life, as A-Levels are the gateway to entry for sixth-form students into their next stage of higher-education learning. We understand their importance and ensure students have the best chance of achieving high grades.